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They are fakes. Don't buy them.


trevi all the way!


Love all of them! The Alma is my fav purse in Pomme! It's stunning & I know you'll rock it


OP, go for Meg. It's really cute and fun. And the Mon Monogram is fun to me


Ohmygosh, love it!

,Not sure if this can be done, but some ppl double-slot cards....2 cards per slot louis vuitton replica,

I have one in Damier bought 3years back, it's slighly falling apart (Like the 1st picture) and I think is because of the zip but other than that it's still in good conditions.


Wish there was enough people in Melb for a meet, lm glad everyone had fun, great pic :) louis vuitton handbags


Congrats!!! lv bags

ust turned the big 5-Oh and I personally like an option of both handheld and shoulder. I own the Galliera GM and fin

I have a friend (girl!) who uses it for her "extra" cards - loyalty cards etc. that don't fit in the usual 8 CC slots that the other LV's offer... so I say, go for it!You just have to find somewhere else to put your coins... lv bag


love the look of it on the shelf, but the style wouldn't work for me

,At least she was honest lol lv bag,

thanks everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't believe I have 3 MC pieces....these are all from this Summer.... LV


BH or Galliera PM or Delightful! louis vuitton handbags


Damier Ebene 30: tough as nails, chic and timeless :) lv bag