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Congrats! LV Top Handles LV Wallet You can buy a new lock & keys at LV. They will probably have a key you can use to get the old lock off the bag. Sometimes you can buy keys on ebay -- your lock will have a number on the bottom -- that's the key you need. 

Louis Vuitton Wallet have an amarante bellevue and i use it as much as i can whenever i don't have work or uni, but i think bellevue can be dressed up or down because of the vanchetta it make


well think it could be A.S.S.! LV Belts


I everyone, I'm new to the forum. I really love the Azur line but I'm concerned about color transfer issues. Did anyone have Totally Azur or any line of Azur for more than 1 year or so had any problems with color transfer? Thanks Louis Vuitton Belt

 Love the 30 on you! I have the 35 and it's too big for my frame. I'm in the market for a 25 as I type! LV Keepall 

I'm so jealous! I just tried the Brea on in Amarante and even DH commented he liked the color. Enjoy! Louis Vuitton Wallets


LV Women I'd wear it if I were you and not worry about it.